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Uus Number!
New Number!
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About the project

On 28 November, a new magazine/art project Uus Materjal (New Material) was launched at the Contemporary Art Museum Estonia. As is evident from its name, the magazine/art project explores themes linked to concepts like new materialism and the return of material, which have gained prominence in the art world over the past years.

However, Uus Materjal goes beyond art theory and features a variety of other fields like design, music and even engineering and does this in a quite unexpected way. Rather than sticking to the traditional magazine format, Uus Materjal has brought together a diverse collection of media and materials, all packaged in handmade 6 kg concrete boxes.


Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Academy of Arts: The Institute of Art History and Photography Department, TTK University of Applied Sciencesl, Kumu Art Museum, Contemporary Art Museum Estonia, Antalis AS, ViaCon Eesti AS, Artishok Records, Kesto OÜ, Telema AS, AS Prike, Center for Contemporary Arts Estonia, Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center, Kondas Centre of Naive Art.

Maarin Ektermann, Priit Valge, Kalev Pari, Martti Kiisa, Lauri Peetrimägi, Anne Kraav, Kalev Ramjalg, Pille Hamburg, Andres Kurg, Ranno Ait, Henri Hütt, Ats Parve, Raiko Suits, Solveig Jahnke, Triin Aas and Siim Reispass.

Model of the concrete box was made by Raido Uusma under the guidance of Priit Valge and Kalev Pari


List of Articles and Items

vaade Photo: Kristina Õllek

• Concrete box (215 × 156 × 145 mm, ca 6kg)
• Geotextile totebag (BS20w, ViaCon)
• A signed fragment of Merike Estna's painting I am here for four months, KUMU (2014)
• 3D printed screw by Arhitekt Must and an informative sheet about 3D-printing of the screw
• A definition of new materialism from a dictionary
• Editorial
• Comments of new materialism: Jaak Kikas, Jaak Tomberg, Mihkel Ilus, Piibe Piirma, Henri Hütt, Liisa Kaljula and Kalev Rajangu
• Interview with the concrete expert Kalev Ramjalg
• Priit Valge: instructions for making a concrete box
• Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk: Posthumanist exhibitionism
• Eik Hermann: drawings on matter and form
• Kati Ilves: On the material and installation based nature of contemporary art exhibitions
• Kati Ilves: The neomaterialist practices of Katja Novitskova and Merike Estna
• Keiu Krikmann: Entering the Space/The Fleeting Image/A Solitary Gaze/A Portable Space/Materialisation & Dematerialisation
• Madli Ehasalu, Sven Parker: Bent form
• Marten Esko: The fore- and afterlife of artworks: thoughts on logistics
• Henri Hütt, Evelyn Raudsepp: a filtered view on material in performing arts
• Anu Vahtra: Untitled (Shadows of Others), 8 photographs from the catalogue for the exhibition Romeo and Juliette (2013)
• Kristina Õllek: 3 photographs from Still Marble, exhibited at Rundum's showcase at the Manifesta 10 parallel programme (2014)

Spatial Chapter: Exhibition

vaade Photo: Kristina Õllek

What happens with an artwork when the exhibition is closed? Furthermore, what becomes of an artwork when the author has abandon it? How long has an artwork the value of Art and at what point it becomes just a material?

Short exhibition at EKKM formed magazine's time and space based chapter (29.11–1.12.2014), which focused on the afterlife of artworks and on the possibility of new materialism. Participating artists contributed to a birth of a new material.

Participating artists/artworks:

Merike Estna: fragment from the exhibition Blue Lagoon, 2014

Dénes Farkas: Green Diagonal, 2006

Kristiina Hansen and Ånond Versto: Up the Down Stairs, 2012

Mihkel Ilus: Leda VII, 2010; 24 preludes for silence, 7/24, 2012; I method, VII, 2014

Edith Karlson and Jass Kaselaan: fragment from the work Rabbit's dream, 2008

Kristi Kongi: fragment from the work I am there and I can feel that smell. Thoughts about the room, 2014

Kris Lemsalu: fragment from the work Phantom camp, 2012

Laura Põld: fragment from the work Come to the Garden, 2013

A compilation of sound design for various exhibitions in Estonia

vaade Photo: Anu Vahtra

Immaterial, though playing a considerably important role for the whole experience – sound at the exhibition – remains often undocumented and stays modestly behind the scenes. Following compilation of sound designs for exhibitions creates a collage of the most important artists from that genre over the last ten years in Estonia.

1: Kiwa: sound design for the exhibition "enter the untitled", Kiwa Vaal Gallery, April 2013 (09:24)

2: Mihkel Maripuu: "Synthesized composition of soundtraces" excerpt from sound design for the exhibition "The Night Your Mate Danced Like a Tree", Laura Põld Hobusepea Gallery, October 2014 (08:23)

3: Mihkel Kleis: "Stay, moment" track from sound design for the exhibition "1001", Lylian Meister Tallinn Art Hall Gallery, September 2008 (05:01)

4: Andres Lõo: "Empty Space, I part" sound design for the exhibition "The Flood", Peeter Laurits Tallinn Art Hall Gallery, March 2002 (06:20)

5: Tarvo Kaspar Toome: "On the Sea" track from sound design for the exhibition "Dream flaneurs", Kristina Norman Hobusepea Gallery, October 2005 (05:18)

6: Henri Hütt: sound design for the exhibition "Milky Way", Estonian Glass Artists' Union Rakvere Bank Building, April-May 2013 (09:43)

7: Raul Keller: sound design for the exhibition "attahk/motattahk", Raul Keller Hobusepea Gallery, March 2014 (07:00)

8: Hendrik Kaljujärv and Karl Saks: sound design for Timo Toots' artwork "Memopol 2" at the exhibition "Gateways", Kumu Art Museum, May-September 2011 (04:08)

9: Barthol Lo Mejor "Popdada FM": sound design/installation for the exhibition "POMO SAPIENS: This is really something", curated by Andres Lõo Vaal Gallery, May 2007 (05:37)

10: Taavi Tulev: sound design for the exhibition "Competition for the new Tartu II", The Union of Estonian Architects Gallery "Noorus", March 2011 (08:25)

11: Artur Lääts: sound design for the exhibition "Red Planet", Marta Stratskas Hobusepea Gallery, November 2014 (05:44)
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